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info Carlo Mancini

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10 llbrady   2008-04-08 14:41

I also have a C. Mancini picture, it was my in-laws. how can you tell which Mancini painted it, and it's value? Any help would be appreciated.

11 gramlichfamily   2008-04-10 13:41

I have a oil painting signed by Mancini,it is 54" long.I am trying to find some info on it,how much its worth?I see you have one so thought you might have some info.

12 lvsdragonfys   2008-05-05 21:49

I also have a painting of a landscape from Carlo Mancini. All I know of him is that he was born in Cremona, Italy (1829-1910). Does anyone have more
on him and where his painting can be viewed? e-mail me

13 Mel_and_jers_art   2008-07-14 23:36

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!! Thank God we finally found people who know of the Carlo Mancini of 1920. We also have a rather large painting of a stream and two story building with mountains in the background. There is also a small nameplate that simply says MANCINI. There is also a small piece of parchment posted on the back of the painting that has a brief story of Carlo but most of it has rubbed off. All we can read is that he was born in 1920 and went to some art school in northern Italy. We'd be happy to talk more or share pictures. It would be nice to know how much this thing is worth. We have spent three years looking for some info online. Whew!!!

14 Mel_and_jers_art   2008-07-14 23:40

Forgot to leave this.
Jerry and Melanie.

15 sg1930   2008-07-27 13:03

I, too, have a painting by Carlo Mancini simply signed "Mancini" - it is a landscape with mountains in the background and a building that looks oriental with water in the foreground. I have no idea of its worth and would appreciate some advice on that. The painting itself measures about 20 x 24 and is in a beautiful frame - excellent condition! sg1930@aol.com

16 joejac59   2008-08-24 20:02

i have the same mancini painting from the artist born in 1920 as mel and jer , any ideas as the value?

17 sandygwilson   2009-08-28 19:46

i have a painting, plate says mancini, name on painting says mancimi. anybody know this artist

18 ourspiritspath   2011-01-03 20:42

We also have a painting by C.Mancini. It is about 24x48 and is of a small lake perhaps in the Alps ,definitly painted in oil(very thickly) We are also curious how we can find out which C.Mancini might have painted it and if there is any value to it.
Hopefully someone is still on this thread so they can give us some info.
any info plz send to email:ourspiritspath@aol.com

19 kkschemrich   Edited 2011-11-14 13:39 2011-11-14 13:39

My in-laws also have a painting by Carlo Mancini. Born cremona, Itally 1920. Studied at the Academy of Bergamo. Any ideas on value?

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